Mspeed Cube | GAN356 AIR SM ( 2019 NEW VERSION )
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(23 customer reviews)

RM155.00 RM125.00

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The GAN356 AIR  SM  feels very fast and quiet right out of the box. Each Air 2019 SM comes with a full 4 sets of  GES V2 spring components, GAN full bright stickers, a GAN CFOP tutorial pamphlet, plastic adjusting tool, and a GAN 356 Air SM VIP card.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for GAN356 AIR SM ( 2019 NEW VERSION )

  1. Ayman Khairy

    What’s the difference between gan 356 air sm 2019 and the old one…

    • Ms Loo

      Same . Only the ges spring different

  2. Shengtai

    Did you guys sell gan356x

    • Ms Loo

      Should arrive another 2 weeks

  3. Johnson

    Why my gan air master got ges v3 ?

    • Ms Loo

      is the new version

  4. Shengtai

    Do you guys sell Rubik’s speed cube?

  5. Rosmawati Rosli

    What is estimated price for GAN X?

    • Ms Loo

      Management not inform yet

  6. Rifqi

    how much do you guys sell gan x?
    and whats different between IPG 5 and Numerical ipg?

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, don’t know yet

  7. Nushin

    Will i get everything in the pic

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. As picture shown

  8. Noor Syamsiah Binti Musa

    When gan 356 x going to be sold here?

    • Ms Loo

      Will arrive next week

  9. Ms Loo

    U can try to use Maru lube

  10. aly

    what other lube can use beside ganlube?

    • Ms Loo

      U can try to use Maru lube

  11. adammifzal115

    cube ni ada satu set ges spring atau dua macam yang lama?

    • Ms Loo

      3 set extra

  12. .

    When you guys have stock of Gan 356 Air SM old one ?

    • Ms Loo

      Old version not more release

  13. aly

    Did you guys still has sell ganUM??

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, no more restock

  14. Kats

    Yang 2019 punya dpt set apa je ya?

    • Ms Loo

      Seperti yang ada dalam gambar

  15. Sarimah

    When you guys has Gan 356 air sm stock

    • Ms Loo

      Just restock

  16. Alan

    Does this set come with the lubricant?

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. Free a 2ML Gan lube

  17. pacman

    which lube is better?
    gan lube or maru lube

    • Ms Loo

      Maru lube can apply to all the cubes

  18. Nor Dalila Hashim

    Adakah magnet gan air sm lebih kuat daripada gan x

    • Ms Loo

      Magnet Gan356 x lebih kuat

  19. Azz

    Is this cube numerical ipg or ipg v5?

    • Ms Loo

      Is Gan356 air

  20. Rohini

    Will I get exactly everything in the picture shown which is not fake?….Can I refund if the I got fake?

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. As picture shown. Is original from Gan manufacturer

  21. sutha0516

    when restock

    • Ms Loo

      currently left one pc in stock

  22. sutha0516

    I want to buy… when restock

  23. sutha0516

    is this SM magnet stronger than the one in 354M

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