Mspeed Cube | GAN356 R
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GAN356 R

(19 customer reviews)


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The GAN356 R is a modern rework of the classic 356 S. It features bright stickerless shades, the new GES V3, and the IPG V2 core.

Reviews (19)

19 reviews for GAN356 R

  1. Ayman Khairy

    Is it the same as the gan 356 X ???

    • Ms Loo

      Different model

  2. Csy

    Does this come with lube?

    • Ms Loo


  3. Johnson

    Jual Kat Lazada please because I wanna buy it

    • Ms Loo

      Memang ada jual kat Lazada

  4. Allen

    Is it the same as the gan 354 m

    • Ms Loo

      The GAN356 R is a modern rework of the classic 356 S

  5. Nadzmi

    What have item in box this cube

    • Ms Loo

      come with a plastic tensioning tool

  6. joel

    How long will it take to arrive bangsar

    • Ms Loo

      Shipment arrange by poslaju. Normally take two to three days

  7. ucop

    shipping bayar ke

    • Ms Loo

      Ye. Kena bayar shipping

  8. Nirmala Subramanian (verified owner)

    I ordered this on 2nd November but I still did not receive it

    • Ms Loo

      Poslaju picked up on 5th , 6th public holiday . Today only they resume work

  9. Akmal

    Nk tanye..kenape cube gan yg ni lebih murah? Ape beza dia..
    ? Cube ni Ade megnet?

    • Ms Loo

      Ini bukan magnetic cube

  10. XXX

    Is that real gan 356 R?

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. Original from Gan

  11. Harresh

    When will the GAN 356 X be sold in this website. I also messaged you at your gmail.

    • Ms Loo

      Will arrive next week

  12. XXX

    If buy this cube it will come with what?

    • Ms Loo

      Come with a plastic tensioning tool

  13. Harresh

    Hey,will you sell the DNM-37 lube from the cubicles?If you do,then pls inform me when.If not,why?This is a kind request.Hope you would reply.

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, we didn’t sell DNM-37

  14. nicholas

    apa nak search kalau nak beki kat lazada???

  15. Alif

    Boleh beli dkt kedai mspeed shah alam ker. Dan mana lg ok. Yg ni ke moyu

    • Ms Loo

      Kamu boleh datang cuba kat store kita

  16. Jayden

    Does this cube come with any magnet slots for magnetisation?

    • Ms Loo


  17. obey

    ada kasi pamphlet skali x

    • Ms Loo


  18. Azz

    Cube ni overall sangat bagus dan murah.Thank you mspeedcube!!

    • Ms Loo

      Thanks for your support !

  19. Jayden

    Bought this cube yesterday along with 3 n38 magnets. After magnetising and lubing the springs with weight 5 and pieces with angstrom V and mystic the cube it was 10x better than the stock version.

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