Mspeed Cube | GAN356 X IPG V5
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RM128.00 RM120.00

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The GAN356 X is the highly-anticipated successor to the GAN Air SM. The X is loaded with a host of unique, innovative technologies, the new GAN Magnetic System, a set of interchangeable magnetic capsules.

This cube also comes with magnetic capsules, transparent cube box, set of GES nuts, GES/GMS manual, solve tutorial pamphlet, and a newly designed GAN356 X card.

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Reviews (32)

32 reviews for GAN356 X IPG V5

  1. Ayman Khairy

    Do you guys have the numerical ipg?

    • Ms Loo

      Not arrive yet

  2. Rifqi

    numerical ipg?

    • Ms Loo

      Stock belum sampai lagi

  3. Poki


  4. Noor Syamsiah Binti Musa

    When is numerical ipg going to stock in mspeedcube?

    • Ms Loo

      Early Dec

  5. Jason

    When will numerical IPG arrive ?

    • Ms Loo

      early Dec

  6. Danial

    Does it come with the pouch?

    • Ms Loo


  7. Jas Jiivwatt Singh

    what is the difference between ipg v5 and numerical ipg?

    • Ms Loo

      For the IPG V5, the spring nut can be compressed using tension tool which works similarly to screws on other cubes. By adjusting with the tool we limit how far the center piece can go and therefore we adjust corner cutting. The tension changes too as a side effect.

      For the Numerical, the spring nut can be adjusted by hand by rotating it into one of three positions. It has the same effect as rotating nuts with the adjustment tool on the IPG V5 – that changes how far the center piece can go thus adjusting corner cutting and tension. Because the positions are fixed it’s very easy to setup all sides evenly.

  8. Ryan

    So the IPG V5 is the same as Air SM

    • Ms Loo


  9. Jas Jiivwatt Singh

    what does IPG stand for?


    Any update when this Numerical IPG arrive? It is already early Dec.

    • Ms Loo

      Shipment delay to next week

  11. huasong

    is GAN356 X IPG V5 or GAN356 AIR SM better

    • Ms Loo

      Gan356 x is a upgraded version

  12. Ms Loo

    Sorry, no

  13. adam

    which one is better gan 356 x or valk power m

    • Ms Loo

      Of course Gan356 X

  14. adam

    When stickerless version will restock

    • Ms Loo

      Should restock next week

  15. joe

    when will stickerless restock

    • Ms Loo

      just restock

  16. Wafiy Nazrol

    It has excellent speed and stability. The cube has alot of customizable items so it can fit your style. There is a comeback which is price but its worth it because it comes with the ges nuts and thr magnets.

  17. Joey

    Is there a bag included

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. Come with a Gan bag

  18. Ahmad Faheem

    which should i get the yj mgc or gans 356 x?

    • Ms Loo

      Of course GAN356 X

  19. joe

    how long does it take to ship

    • Ms Loo

      Normally take two to three days to arrive.

  20. joe

    i ordered it on monday, y hasnt it ship? u all said 2 to 3 days, 5 days also havent arrive

    • Ms Loo

      Yr order no?

  21. Kai

    When will restock stickerless

    • Ms Loo

      New stock arrive next week

  22. pacman

    the magnets only come with 4 types is it?

    • Ms Loo


  23. jerome

    how much days will the cube arrive at Sungai Petani, Kedah?

    • Ms Loo

      Normally take two to three days

  24. ahmadsyahmi1123

    Is it pvc coated?

    • Ms Loo


  25. ahmadsyahmi1123

    Dapat tak Harga RM135 ni kalau beli dekat kedai?

    • Ms Loo

      kat kedai ikut harga promosi

    • Ms Loo


  26. ahmadsyahmi1123

    Sticker dengan stickerless mana yang lebih bagus?

    • Ms Loo

      Dua-dua pun bagus, kebanyakan cuber lebih suka stickerless

  27. ahmadsyahmi1123

    Jadi ni Harga online lah?

    • Ms Loo

      Ye. harga promosi

  28. Melvyn

    Stock available? Will it restock?When it will restock?

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, out of stock. Should restock on early March

  29. Amir Yusoff Jazmi

    Bila restock?

    • Ms Loo

      Tinggal satu biji black version sj

  30. Jim

    when restock stickerless?

    • Ms Loo

      Currently Gans side no stock for stickerless

  31. Colin

    hey can you get some stickerless i saw some on the gan website xd

  32. Colin


    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, currently got black version only

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