Mspeed Cube | GAN356 X NUMERICAL IPG
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(27 customer reviews)

RM138.00 RM130.00

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The GAN 356 X Magnetic 3×3 has been a long time coming and is arguably GAN Cube’s most innovate design to date. Featuring an all new numerical IPG tensioning system which allows even tensions to be set with ease and the new magnetic system allows magnets to be changed in under 30 seconds! The 356 X is smooth as butter and only improves on the wildly popular Air SM.

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Reviews (27)

27 reviews for GAN356 X NUMERICAL IPG

  1. Pei Kai

    No black numerical ipg?

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, not yet arrive

  2. Harresh

    I got a Gan 356 X and I don’t know what is the use of the Gan VIP Card. Pls explain.

    • Ms Loo

      The Card proof that the cube is original from GAN

  3. Rifqi

    yaaaassss its herreee

  4. Charles

    When will the black numerical ipg arrive?

    • Ms Loo

      Should arrive next month

  5. Rifqi

    when restock?

    • Ms Loo

      Should restock next month

  6. 123

    When will the numerical ipg be restock?

    • Ms Loo

      next month

  7. Charles

    Will it come with a bag to carry it?

  8. Johnny

    When will it restock ?

    • Ms Loo

      Will restock middle January

  9. Ameer

    Bila restock

    • Ms Loo

      Next week

  10. Morheet

    When will this restock bro ?

    • Ms Loo

      Will restock by this week

  11. muhammad idris danial

    if price is not an issue, i highly recommend this cube, if you want new cube that speed and good, buy gts 2 or mf3rs, but 356 x is the best, it feels buttery, so light, fast, but its need lube that can make is slow cause it can be to fast, about the magnet, easy to change but you need to be. more carefull when changing, cause you can accidentally lose it. the spring easy to change, you can just change it using hand, not like other gans puzzle.overall this cube very good from other gan puzzle 10/10

  12. Amirul Akmal

    The stickerd version is full bright or half?

    • Ms Loo

      Z BRIGHT

  13. Jas Jiivwatt

    What tensions do you recommend for this cube?

    • Ms Loo

      U can go to youtube review for recommendation

  14. Fiqh

    If you accidentaly bought the white one is possible to change with black one

    • Ms Loo

      We got black and stickerless only

  15. cxkkang

    Why my tension nuts do not have numbers?

    • Ms Loo

      U meants yr numerical springs?

  16. cxkkang

    I mean the numerical gtn. Im very confused bcz there should be numbers like 0.6 and 0.8 sth like that. I don’t have the numbers on my gtn

    • Ms Loo

      Can u take picture and whatsapp to 019-3119955

  17. Amirul Kucing

    Gan X or Gan SM

    • Ms Loo

      both got different feel

  18. When will restock

    Good speedcube with good price

  19. Ian Chee

    Does it have a bag?

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. come with a Gan bag

  20. sutha0516

    is this gan 356 x better than the gan 356 x v2

    • Ms Loo

      Gan356 x V2 is latest version

  21. Sutharshan

    can u put this on sale

    • Ms Loo

      Price discounted

  22. Colin

    when restock stickerless?

    • Ms Loo

      Sorry, Currently Gans side no stock for stickerless

  23. Kate

    when restock

    • Ms Loo

      Ready stock for black version

  24. sike

    when will restock

    • Ms Loo

      Ready stock for black version

  25. sike

    will be restock nexi month?

    • Ms Loo

      Currently left 1pc black

  26. jk

    can restock early next month?

    • Ms Loo

      currently got left 1pc black

  27. gerge

    when restock

    • Ms Loo

      Currently only have black version

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