Mspeed Cube | YJ MGC V2 MAGNETIC 3×3 CUBE
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The MGC V2 is the best bang for your buck that is currently available and offers customization which make the MGC V2 even more appealing to speedcubers. Three spring options are available – Light (Yellow), Medium (pre-installed), and Strong (Blue) – that will change the flexibility and overall feel of your MGC.

Medium strength magnets are precisely installed by YJ and help to prevent against overturning and increase stability. Buttery smooth turning and snappy corner cutting make the MGC V2 the choice of many professional speedcubers.

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Reviews (11)

11 reviews for YJ MGC V2 MAGNETIC 3×3 CUBE

  1. chanmh1218

    is there still a stickerless option at the mspeedcube store in shah alam?

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. Ready stock

  2. Man Hin

    If buy it from the website how long will it take to arrive? I live in shah alam

    • Ms Loo

      Should arrive on the next day is no delay

  3. Tongyx

    Is this better than version 1 or version 1 is better

    • Ms Loo

      is a upgraded version

  4. Yang Zi Chien

    what is the yellow and blue things, are those springs like GES?

    • Ms Loo

      those are spring

  5. chanmh1218

    Is it prelubed? Or do i need to lube it myself?

  6. chanmh1218

    It is very fast out of the box, i recommend to change to the blue springs to make it more controllable, mine has a bit of squeaking noise but i have fixed it. What lube is used for this cube?

    • Ms Loo

      U can try to use maru lube

  7. adammifzal115

    kedai bukak hari apa sampai pukul berapa

    • Ms Loo

      Hari Isnin hingga Jumaat dari pukul 10pagi hingga 5ptg
      Sabtu , Ahad dan cuti am dari pukul 11pagi hingga 5ptg
      Kedai akan tutup pada 28hb Dec hingga 31hb Dec 2018

  8. Chan

    What size magnets are these? I want to buy some magnets from your store but im not sure which size is right. Great cube btw, its my main.

    • Ms Loo

      What cube u going to magnetise?

  9. Chan

    Yj mgc v2 is the cube i want to magnetise, which size is suitable. Im going add extra magnets so it will be stronger

    • Ms Loo

      If u like stronger magnet , u can try N50

  10. Norazila Mohd yusoff (verified owner)

    If buy it from the website how long will it take to arrive? I live in johor bahru

    • Ms Loo

      To Johor Bharu normally take two days

  11. Lee Teck Cherng

    Have magnet

    • Ms Loo

      Yes. Is a magnetic cube

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